Thursday, July 30, 2009


Getting a little bit tired and going a little bit crazy wearing sunglasses that were seriously scratched and chewed on by Ollie, I found myself a new pair at Society of the Spectacle in HIghland Park. I drive by this shop often and have always wanted to pop in. We did one afternoon and were greeted by two of the chubbiest and oldest pugs I have ever seen. They waddled to us with great excitement and kept the kids busy while I shopped. They had some of the coolest frames I have ever seen. I cursed my 20/20 vision. Vintage frames too. I settled on these. I'm happy with them. I really wanted the $350 pair but could simply not justify such a purchase.
Greta kept trying to borrow mine so we found her a pair of her own a week later.
And Hen, well he just likes to borrow everyone else's.

Pug Blossom.

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