Monday, August 24, 2009

estate sale, i love you

Today I found two vintage metal lawn chairs that deserve some color. Project # 4,237 on my list.
An old globe. I have this thing for maps and a weakness for globes. Isn't it a beauty?
A yellow set and a pink set of these.
A funky hand thrown bowl.
This box was thrown in, no charge.
Also found were books books books! On birds, gardening, and art.
And on a happy note, this estate sale was not due to the passing of someone's dear granny, but a happy older couple selling their house and most of their stuff, moving on to a new adventure and home.
Hope your weekend was bright, that you enjoyed the great outdoors, maybe discovered the joys of composting.

We have Grandma P. in the house! Oh, how we love you Grandma Peggy! We're looking forward to a fun week.

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