Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Mission: Feed children far from home sans Papa. Keep Henry happy and distracted. Avoid a scene.

5:45 pm: Walk into Benihana restaurant, Carlsbad, CA. The place is empty except for 2 tables.

5:46 pm: We are seated at a table, young cute couple to our right, older well dressed couple to our left. Friendly faces. Kids are promptly presented with menu hats and pencils. Kids are happy.

6:03 pm: We order. Couple to our left comment on cute kids. Obviously parents, probably grandparents. Couple to our right, eye contact-negative.

6:22 pm: Chef arrives at table. Showy display with sharp metal flinging objects. I scoot Henry's high chair back.

6:35 pm: A celebration at table across from us brings several waiters clapping and singing loudly in Japanese. Henry likes this. He claps.

6:40 pm: Food is being prepared. Greta fishes for ice using chopsticks. Man to right comments on her surprising dexterity.

6:41 pm: An ice cube flings through the air.

6:43 pm: Henry tosses his pencil onto the hot griddle. Chef gracefully returns it to Henry.

6:48 pm: Chef creates a volcano from onion slices, smoke billows from the top. Henry is not amused.

7:00 pm: Kids have filled themselves with white rice, mango lemonade, and miso soup.

7:04 pm: Henry moves to my lap where I sing Itsy Bitsy Spider until the check arrives.
Greta is patient and helpful.

7:10 pm: The check arrives. We say goodnight and walk out through the now packed
restaurant, hand in hand. Bellies are full.

Mission accomplished.


kim said...

cuties.... but where are the rest of the sea world pics? none turned out good? aawwww boo

rachel said...

they are yet to come!

Peggy Ray said...

That is sooooo funny! You are such a great writer. I felt every minute!