Monday, August 31, 2009

mon dieu, il fait chaud aujour d'oui!

That is my favorite expression I learned in French. And about all I can ever seem to recall. was hot today! And yesterday and the day before that. The 100 degree weather and the smoke due to the fire that's been burning all week kept us indoors this weekend.
Greta drew while wearing her traditional Turkish garb.
Henry stayed up too late.
Zach took about a 3 hour nap on the living room floor.
And sadly, we said goodbye to Grandma Peggy. *sniff*
We will miss her so!


The Kender-Page said...

I love the drawing focus.

Peggy Ray said...

Sniff! I miss you all too. I love the photos. It makes me feel I'm almost there. I love Greta's Turkish/new dress combo. The fire photo looks really beautiful but boy did I worry seeing those smoke clouds about all of you breathing in that nasty air. I hope it's all cleared up quickly. Also, I love your French... and Henry's looking like he's on the run! And poor Zach pooped out on the floor.