Tuesday, September 1, 2009


With my Greta approaching 5 and with the school year starting for most, lately there have been many of these conversations;

Is Greta getting ready for kindergarten?

me: Well, I'm homeschooling so no, she won't be going to kindergarten.


But you will still be doing school right? Some kind of curriculum?

me: We are actually doing something called unschooling...

Thats usually when there is another pause and with that a concerned and somewhat confused look washes over their face.

So I usually proceed with my usual spiel on what unschooling will be like. I try to assure the listener that my kids will indeed become educated, smart, and socialized without compulsory schooling. This is hard to do. So I thought I would pass on this nice and tidy website that offers some Frequently Asked Questions about unschooling. I also really enjoy this blog. The fact is that each family that homeschools or unschools is going to do things differently, simply because all children are unique and so is their learning style. There are no definitive answers.
Greta and Henry will take us down interesting and adventurous roads for sure as we follow their lead, offering guidance and inspiration along the way. They will live, experience, touch, explore, read, play, learn! And of course become well balanced, compassionate human beings with lots of friends.

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