Saturday, March 20, 2010


Henry and I headed north a bit in search of the Tesuque Flea Market.  I wasn't sure it would be open this early in the year and if it was it might get rained out.  I left my trusty iphone at home and sure enough I got a little lost.  Finally I stopped and got directions from a little Irish lady, she directed me towards the opera house. 
There were only a few vendors open for business but I was very happy to find what I was looking for and for half the downtown Santa Fe price.  Met some friendly folk, Henry stomped in some puddles and played with strands of beads.  
The market was just about 5 miles out of town and all I could see was sky and a vast open desert with snowcapped mountains far in the distance.  It was breathtaking.  Had I been alone and it was 20 degrees warmer I would have found a place to get out to just sit and soak up the clean air and stunning views before me.  
I have always felt a sense of claustrophobia when considering living too far away from any ocean. Maybe because most of my life I have lived so close to it.  It feels comforting to know that not to far away there is a wild openness that goes on for hundreds and hundreds of miles.  I have a similar feeling of comfort around Santa Fe with its wild open desert surrounding it.  It doesn't feel claustrophobic, it feels free.  
We leave in just a few days.  I am so grateful we have had this experience and I feel hungry to explore this place more, maybe during the warmer season.
I will miss the big skies, the fresh air, the friendly people, the good food, and the lack of billboards.

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Taisie said...

Henry's so happy sitting in the middle of all that glorious space!