Friday, March 19, 2010


Except for the fact that Greta's horn didn't sound, I believe that this car ride through Whole Foods was a    
highlight of our trip to Santa Fe for these guys.  

The other morning the kids were sleeping late so I went in to check on them.  I could not find Henry!  Did he get out of bed and I didn't notice?  At closer inspection I found his little head, and thats all I could see of him.  I was relieved he was there and not roaming the streets in his pj's but I was a bit concerned that he may not be able to breath.  At even closer inspection I could see he was just fine.

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pete said...

Dear Rachel,
...I Love the Kids Sleeping...The 3 Pictures of Greta looking at the baby Robin is an "Award Winner" , You captured Her Compassion and Empathy , not only are You a Good Mom but a Sharp Shooter as well...!
Love Pops