Thursday, June 24, 2010


This afternoon I cleaned my house.  Because I don't have a proper work space or studio, I work in my kitchen and living room.  Flowers will fill this house. I will seek out dark, cool corners to store blooms and hope that the kids can resist the temptation to squeeze, poke, and pluck the fragrant and irresistible lovelies.  Also clutter makes me crazy, especially when I need to be creative.  So I picked up all afternoon, cleaned my kitchen, searched in I Spy books with Hen.  Greta was kept busy with Liam.  Liam is the son of friends of our neighbors.  He and his family visit our neighbors often but today was the first day that Greta and Liam actually met.  It was like they were old friends.  They played and played for hours, they laughed, chased each other on their tricycles, sprayed each other with water.  I made them a veggie quiche for dinner, they ate out on the deck, (and both only ate the crust by the way) Greta showed off her awesome table manners. Liam couldn't stop scanning Ollie with the play cash register.  

Tomorrow I will need to clean out the inside of my car.  We'll see if that happens.

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