Wednesday, June 23, 2010

don't get all excited...

Today was rather uneventful in the wedding prep arena.  It may have been ambitious of me to announce a week in the life of a part time wedding florist.  The fact is, until the flowers come I am pretty much set. I also changed the day I receive my flowers to Friday.  Thursday felt too early, especially with this warm weather.  So for now the kids play with the buckets;

I count and count and recount jars. 

I make sure the candles work, because that's how paranoid I can be.  I don't like last minute surprises. Though I have to say that I am pretty resourceful and have been known to save the day just minutes before the ceremony.  (Patting myself on the back).  I think this quality I get from my mom.  Not the paranoid, the resourceful.  

And tonight after the kids fell asleep I pored over my notes, the scribbles, magazine clippings, and mostly over my flower order to Florabundance.  I also have been scoping out neighbor's gardens for interesting foliage.  I have found something in a garden I pass by regularly that my wholesaler wasn't able to get for me.  Will I get the courage to knock on the door and ask for a clipping?   I'll pay whatever it is worth to them.  It's a smoke bush, it has chocolate brown foliage and is exactly what I need.  

Zach has a friend that has been so kind as to loan us his massive American Suburban SUV.  This way I won't have to rent a van for delivery.  Sweet.

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