Tuesday, June 22, 2010

market day

Yesterday morning Henry and I took a drive downtown to the flower market.  I went for supplies but couldn't resist a walk through the flower warehouse.  It was a quiet morning.  Maybe because it was close to noon, all the action is happening at 4 am. I remember those days.  These days I get my flowers delivered to my doorstep.

At home I have dozens upon dozens of canning jars.  A few dozen are for candles which I filled last night.  The rest are for flowers!

A couple of days ago Greta and I had fun taking all the lids apart.  She now has stacks of shiny disks in her room waiting for a project.  Wind chime? 

Im also using the labels that came with the jars as name tags for the corsages and boutonnieres.  Only a few of those, but happy to be able to use those stickers and have a pretty way to present the small flowers.

Oh, and Zach bought Greta a new hat this weekend.  She added the hand.  Nice touch.

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The Kender-Page said...

This is really fun to watch. I love that I can peek into the process, and then get to see the final product this weekend!