Wednesday, September 22, 2010

feeling fall

Summer is not going down without a fight.  This weekend is supposed to be a cooker.  Today was overcast and cool.   Just like I like.   
We have been noticing slight changes of color in our garden, with Henry generating showers of his own.

The last of our tomatoes are ripening.

The days are shorter, the light of early evening draws us in the kitchen to eat and talk.  And Henry tells knock knock jokes with "poop" in every punch line.    

Good times.

I'm also reading this:

and this:

I'm gearing up to sell some goods.   It's taking a lot of time because I have so little of it.  Time, that is.
But both of these books are very inspiring and Mark Frauenfelder is awesome and a great story teller. 
So sometime in the near future I might have a little GIVEAWAY.  There, I said it.  Now I have to make something to give away...and hope that people will be interested.  
Stay tuned...

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