Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wood and waldorf

In step with Baker Family tradition, Greta started a woodworking class today.   Her grandfather, Seaweed Pete, and Uncle David are very talented craftsmen.  They would have been very proud to see Greta today aboard this old school bus turned wood shop.
Here she is safely using a saw and looking out the window, at the same time.  She did beautifully though and the instructor said she did learn perfect saw safety form.  She cut, sanded, and hammered, and wants to go back everyday.

Hen and I weren't allowed on the bus but could peek in through the wide open back door.

 There were four vintage campers on the lot.  I wanted one.

We had time to kill so we drove up the road to the Waldorf Elementary School and perused their toy and book store.   You know when you walk into a Toys R Us and all you can smell is petroleum?  And there are monitors blaring and flickering left and right?   It's hell.  You know what Waldorf smells like?  Wildflowers. Beeswax. Wood.  And it looks like you've entered the sweetest storybook ever imagined.  And you never want to leave.  This will be our weekly ritual while Greta takes her class.

My Venice Family is homeschooling!  Well, for a few weeks anyway.  They are creating, drawing, cooking, going on some awesome field trips, and so much more.    Enjoy the blog and be inspired, be very inspired!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,
...My Dad,,,Your Grandpa's Hobby was woodworking and was very good...!...But what would You expect , he was a Mechanical Engineer...!
Love Pops

Christie said...

Congrats on your leap into homeschooling :) Now that my babies are just about all grown, I have to say there are very few things in life more rewarding then schooling your own children. Good Luck and have fun!