Thursday, November 4, 2010

little drifters

This link was shared by Two Kitties.  A favorite blog of mine.   Greta and I scrolled down and down and down...the inspiration seemed endless.  Greta wants to make her own and I think it would be a fun project for the whole family.   Would anyone else like to join us?  Making the drifters of strictly found natural materials.   If you come up with little drifters of your own, share yours by leaving a comment with a link to your blog or flickr page.   Let's say on November 15th.
I can remind you the day before.  Does this sound fun?

We stayed in all day and the kids ran around the house, quite literally.  There is a neighbor cat that has adopted us.  She has no manners but is very sweet and the kids love her.  The air is cool, the breeze is heavenly, the sound of the wind in the trees, so peaceful.  The brown recluse or brown recluse look alike that had me turning everything in the house upside down ( literally), vacuuming every single nook and cranny I could find...not so cool.  I'm taking a specimen in to the pest people and buying loads of spider traps.

Tomorrow we were planning on taking a walk but it looks like thunder storms in the forecast.  We shall see.  I will have some pictures very soon!

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Citlalli said...

Sounds cool! It would be nice to participate, I'm glad to read that you're having fun! :)