Saturday, November 6, 2010

our georgia home

Outside the Georgia House.

Inside the Georgia House.
(I couldn't leave home without the kid's quilts.)
These are two twin beds that we pushed together. 

A great old photo of the island in the 50's.

Kitchen.  I love the tile.

 Lovely old mirror.

Living room with colorful map of the island ( I moved it out of the bedroom, I love maps.) There is a screened porch with swing just off of this room.

This house has an almost exact layout of our home in LA.  The bedrooms are smaller but living room and kitchen bigger and has the added luxury of a dining room, big yard for running, and a dishwasher.  Yes, a dishwasher, maybe the greatest of luxuries in my book.
The kids and I have done some exploring by bike.  We have found a couple of great play parks, a butterfly garden, and great shop called A Pane in the Glass, full of local art.
It's a sleepy time of year and along with the locals we are enjoying the quiet.  It feels like paradise here.  Such a relief from congested city life.
This weekend we are going to enjoy our time with Zach and maybe visit Jekyll Island, maybe Savanah...we'll see where the days take us.
The weather is breezy and clear, a chill in the morning but warms up comfortably during the day.  
More pictures of St. Simons Island to come!
Have a great weekend wherever on this planet you may be.


Misha Lulu said...

what a great house!!!! have a great weekend!

hojee and bunny said...

what a cool place! I'll have to say I'm a little jealous.. have a great adventure weekend!

Citlalli said...

Nice house! Kitchen tile it,s so cool..... I love the colors! Have a wonderful weekend!