Sunday, November 7, 2010

pics by papa

On Saturday we drove to Jekyll Island.  This is Driftwood Beach.  This beach was littered not with small   or even medium sized driftwood, but with whole trees!  It was an incredible and otherworldly sight.  We spent hours here.

Today we went to a great playground near the lighthouse and the village here on St. Simons.  There was an antiques market happening nearby.  Greta and I chanced upon it yesterday during our morning bike ride.  I perused a little more today with Henry.  He was very patient with me so I waited patiently with him while he watched some charismatic black birds, split tailed somethings, I wish I could remember.  They were so clever and fun to watch.  I saw some really beautiful things that would have been nice to have at the market but it's the measuring cup made of green depression glass that I am kicking myself over.  I can't stop thinking about it.   Anyhow, I'll share on another post what small treasures I did find.
At the end of the day Henry and I took the car home and Zach and Greta took the beach home.  I absolutely love these shots.  All taken with his iphone.

It was a beautiful and peaceful weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Rachel; these are absolutely stunning shots. Love the colours, the scenery and of course, how Greta naturally takes it all in... Henry too looks very smart, and a bit scary! So glad that you're enjoying yourself, like I've said before - it's all so very different. (Hope you got my mail).