Tuesday, November 9, 2010


On Saturday morning last, Greta and I went for a bike ride.  The lighthouse was our destination.  We weren't exactly sure where to find it, but we found this path leading to the beach.  

We looked east.

We looked south.

We looked down.  High tide.

We enjoyed the quiet and the sparkle on the water for a few minutes then continued on our way.
We saw a sign for an antique fair that day.  Lighthouse?  What lighthouse?  We hopped off the bike and stopped at the first vender we saw.  She was still unpacking but had boxes and boxes and boxes of costume jewelry.  Tangled and broken pieces that we could have sifted through for hours.  I was looking for earrings to use as accessories for my dolls.  

This is what I found.  Won't they make beautiful brooches? 

These I found as a pair, amazingly.  The vendor gave me a good price before she took a closer look and saw that they were made from a very popular German designer.  She kicked herself a little but was fair in the end.  They are costume, those aren't real pearls, only one of them is missing.  They are maybe 3/4 of an inch in diameter, clip on.  I won't wear them.  They are a specific style that is not me, but would look lovely with the right vintage dress or the right hair do.  I am enjoying them just sitting on my window sill.  I thought it might be fun to give these away.  If you love them, you really love them, or know someone that would, leave me a comment.  I'll choose a name on Friday morning.   They can be your little gift from Georgia.


Anonymous said...

Hi rachel, and Greta... Thank you for showing us Georgia. I won't say that I'm jealous, but I wish we could be there to see and feel what you are! Nita is saying hello, you can see her at my blog :)

The clips are beautiful, but not quite me either. Unfortunately, wish I was a bit more glamuorous.
Keep on enjoying yourself, so happy to see you all, just happy!

Love from Norway

jasmin said...

i hate to say it... but they are sooooo me. pearls are my favourite - fake, real or otherwise. plus i can only wear clip ons. plus this was my birthday. plus i live near the ocean and want to be a mermaid. we could do a swap! what do you like? give me three themes.......

and i should really introduce myself - i'm jasmin - lilli's cyber friend - and i have just visited her place and met Nita - get ready to be inundated with visits. have you opened a shop yet? i can't find it..... x