Monday, November 22, 2010

more from papa's phone

And look!  The mermaid earrings arrived!
Making the day of someone across the globe that I have never met ( in person)... makes my day.  It also makes me want to host another giveaway.  Let's see what other treasures I can find and share while way down south.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

What delightful, fun family photos!

It is nice giving things away to people you don't know, who then show such gratitude!

Very generous of you, Rachel!

Maria said...

So beatiful photos!!Oh I miss summer althouhg I love this winter what we have here now.
Have a very good day Rachel♥

hojee and bunny said...

Is that you doing a cartwheel?

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, Rachel, we've got the same idea...warm welcome at my blog as a follower! And even today I become a follower of your blog :-)

I've enjoyed your pictures with family at the beach very much - while the first snow comes in Hamburg/Germany and I design my Advent strange.

Wish you a nice time.

Rachel said...

MMMC: This is a close to a family portrait as we get, and as usual one parent is missing behind the camera.

Maria: I love the winter too, but can't complain...

HojeeBunny: Yes Ma'am, and can you see how impressed everyone is?

Ariane: Looking forward to "following" each other! I do love your blog! And enjoy your first snow.

Misha Lulu said...

these are beautiful images ..thank you for sharing!
We miss you guys!!!!

What phone does Zack have? Photos are great!

Rachel said...

Misha: We miss you guys too!
Zach's phone is the iphone 4 and the app;