Monday, November 15, 2010

saggy bottom kids

The weekend went by way too fast.  Yesterday we were able to have our morning with Zach.  Greta and Zach jumped in the water a bit.  We went to get a new bike with a trailer for the kids.  Biking is the best way to get around the island.  We only need a car if we want to go to Brunswick or go grocery shopping.  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we go to an open gym in Brunswick with jumpers, trampolines, balancing bars of varying heights, a pool of foam cubes that the kids dive into.  It's crazy fun.  We meet a bunch of moms there.  There's one mom that home schools her four kids and tells of a family that hosts a "park day" at their small farm, they have 10 kids!  Families here in Georgia are big.  It's common to see a young smiling mother with 3 small children in tow.   Also in Brunswick there is a Target and a Seasons of Japan restaurant where the miso soup comes out of a machine and they put mayo on their sushi!  Yikes. Big mistake.  I know there are some yummy places to eat around here but we are mostly eating in.  And there are many many thrift stores that I am waiting for Grandma Peg to get here to explore.  I can't wait to see what I find!
Also yesterday we visited the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.  It was a very friendly bunch (naturally) and they welcomed us warmly.  We've been happy to find so many new friends.
I need to write a post on all the reasons why I love the people here.  Soon to come.

Can we share our little drifters tomorrow?  I think it's just me and my friend Citlalli, is that ok, Citlalli?

Before we left Los Angeles my friend, Liza gave me some new music to listen too.  Gillian Welch.  It will forever and always be my "Georgia music".  

Happy Monday!


Milady Productions said...

Hello Happy Pandas!
Thank you for your sweet encouragement Rachel. I'm with you 100% its just sometimes i feel a pang cos my art is just as alive and needy as my kids.
Your children are adorable, your blog a delight.
xo milady

Citlalli said...

Hi Rachel!
For sure we are ready to show our little drifter, today afternoon I will post about it and send you pictures.
It was so fun!
Your kids looks so lovely! (as always) :)

Make mine Mid-Century said...

That photo is quite adorable!

hojee and bunny said...

love this picture! to cute!