Saturday, November 13, 2010

weekend #2 georgia u.s.a.

This weekend Zach is working.  I know, we are not happy pandas.  It's somehow much harder getting through the day when the rhythm of our week is interrupted and he is not with us.  We feel it.  We did our best to stay busy and have fun today.  This morning we headed out to the play park by the beach.  Greta was hoping to find a friend to play with but she didn't make any connections.  So we then walked over to Zuzu's for lunch and ice cream.  We strolled along the pier and listened to the waves and birds, watched the fishermen and fisherwomen.  
I made a veggie soup for the kids this afternoon.  When Greta came into the kitchen and realized what I was making she leapt onto my back like a cheetah and squeezed and kissed me.  This is a favorite dish of hers, obviously.  The kids enjoyed their soup with a giant dollop of sour cream and about 8 slices of toast each.  With butter.  
The day ended well with Papa coming home early.  I felt like toast myself, so after a warm welcome I jumped into a nice hot shower ( I can't tell you how I am enjoying having hot water again, oh, and a dishwasher! )  As I stepped out I could hear squeals of delight and laughter, the kids yelling, "MY TURN! MY TURN!"  Zach was flipping them head over heals.  How happy they were to have him home.  They read, they cuddled, they buried each other in a pile of pillows.  
He doesn't have to work till noon tomorrow so we hope to get out early for a nice breakfast.

On another note, I am working on some new dolls while I am here.  I'm embroidering their faces.  I can't do much more since I couldn't bring my sewing machine or my stash of yarn and fabric.  The faces take the longest to sew, so I am satisfied to simply work on them.  The other night Greta and I were drawing and I've been thinking of mixing up the doll's wardrobe and making aprons for the girls.  I drew a few sketches.  I think they came out cute on paper.  Painting with watercolor on paper not meant for water color...this made them look heavily made up and slightly punk rock .  Greta likes them so we made them into stick puppets.  I even made a boy puppet for Henry but he was nowhere to be found for the photo shoot.
We shall see how the aprons work out.  I thought a kimono could be cute too.

In other happy news...
Recently I made a friend.  Her name is Lilli and she lives in Norway.  (Hi, Lilli!)  We met through the wonderful world of blogging.  She left a comment on my blog that really touched me a while back and the rest is history.  I sent her a few small gifts in the mail just before we flew to Georgia,  along with a doll for her nearly 2 year old daughter.  Lilli blogged about this.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see the doll in her new home.  Lilli is a gifted writer, photographer, and mother.  Her blog is beautiful through and through.  It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and inspires me on many different levels.  Thank you again Lilli for the special post about Nita and for welcoming her so warmly into your home.

And lastly this is me standing by the sea sans sunhat.  

But my glasses cover half of my face, so that's good.  My hats are on their way with Grandma Peg.  She should be here in about 5 days, with Ollie the pup!!  Oh, we have missed you.  I know that having Ollie here will have a positive effect on the kids.  They are feeling a bit homesick.  I know Grandma Peg and Ollie will be just what the doctor ordered.  Drive safe, Peg!  Fast, but safe!

And Monday I will show off our little drifter.  If you come up with one of your own,  leave a comment on Monday's post with a link to show off what you created!


Peggy Ray said...

Seeing all your wonderful blogs makes me want to fly the rest of the way! I know Ollie will go crazy seeing you all... do you think he knows what is on the other end of his big time adventure? Your new dolls are adorable. You should have had me bring some of your doll materials. and maybe the sewing machine, hahaha!

jasmin said...

And because of Lilli I met you!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Rachel; I meant to thank you for this, and for your extraordinary kindness yesterday. It's me who has every reason to be thankfull... also wanted to finish my mail to you last evening, but I got a bit overwhelmed with the thoughts of my mother, and lost concentration.

I feel I have tried all I can; if she ever comes, she is welcome, but that hasn't happend in the 25 years I've been on my own. I'm afraid there isn't time for anoyjer 25, and that makes me sad. Thank you for being the best friend anyone could have! xox