Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Let's try and spot some whales. careful.

 Splash!  (laughter)

 Greta, can you come a tad closer?



not wendy said...

What fun!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

So sweet!

I'd be a bit nervous too if I had an intrepid rock-scurrying, whale watcher!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
we have a similar situation at our river Elbe in Hamburg - yes, without whales - but with the rocks. Even when my kids are climbing on them close to the water my fantasy send me pictures of danger and broken my life bevore the kids I weren't such a yellowbelly ;-)
How old is lovely Greta?

Rachel said...

MMMC: I get a little nervous, yes, even though she is quite capable and knows her limits.
Ariane: Greta is 6. I am careful not to constantly warn her of potential dangers because after all she is very careful. I try and remember what I was doing at her age and I can see her agility and balance is quite good. But inside sometimes I feel my heart in my throat. I have a fear of heights that she did not inherit, so when she climbs high, oh my.

The Breakfast Lover said...

Beautiful pictures!!