Wednesday, January 5, 2011

keep it secret, keep it safe

Greta keeps countless boxes in her room.  I love to see what she saves and how she organizes her tiny treasures.   I believe I've passed on my obsession for smallish treasure boxes.  I have always loved them for their purpose of holding precious objects, protecting, saving for later, sharing, for keeping things hidden and secret.  When I was little my Dad would send me beautiful wooden boxes in the mail.  I still have them.  In fact he sent me another one recently, maybe the prettiest one ever.  So I'm thinking this obsession might be genetic.

Here are a few of Greta's collections.  
This one is in a tiny bowl, not a box but a pretty container still.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

has quite an eye for 'species'. Her little treaure boxes are very consistent in colour and type ... too cute!

And I like your new header ... is that a Playmobil person parading as a monster? I can't quite recognise him/her.

Taisie said...

What a fabulous assortment of special stuff!

hojee and bunny said...

Great photos! It's so sweet and peaceful looking at those treasures. Thanks for sharing.