Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 We have an abundance of girl dolls around the house and thought Henry would appreciate some balance, so I made this new doll just for him.  This little guy has arms and legs.  I worked on him late into the night and it shows.  But Henry doesn't mind the hand I had to amputate to match the length of the other, or the freakishly long torso.  He doesn't even seem to mind that he wears no shoes though he is obviously dressed for frigid weather.   
It was my first attempt at adding arms and legs.  I need a lot of practice.  Thankfully my beautiful children, bless them, are very forgiving and love anything I make for them. 
Except for once. 
 Greta was three and lost her tiny plastic Tinkerbell figurine the day before a trip to Disneyland.  It had been her constant companion for weeks!  I stayed up very late that night and hoped to surprise her with a handmade Tinkerbell.  Obviously, not resembling Disney's Tink in the slightest, Greta was sadly disappointed.  But even with the odd looking eyes and floppy wings, she carried it around with her the entire next day at Disneyland.  And I could tell that by the end of the day it had grown on her.
Here's my Hen as he woke up and found his doll.

Did you know we have a cat? 
  Meet Daisy.

I finished two more dolls and added to my shop.  My shop still has a lot of work to be done.  It's as simple as I can get by with.  Still learning the ins and outs of Etsy and all this business of promoting oneself...it's not my forte, but necessary nonetheless.  Now I will work on adding other things, possibly a quilt, some vintage items, maybe some photography.  I work at a snails pace so I will keep you posted when ever I add something.
Have a good one!

Oh, and a friend is having a rather nice giveaway.  Check it out!


Make mine Mid-Century said...

How big was Tinkerbell?

We have one here, literally floating about. I was wanting for her to 'disappear' ... maybe this is my chance!?

Rachel said...

MMMC: SHe was no bigger than her hand. We lost her in the grass of a house we had just moved out of. We had made one last trip to pick up some things. We went back a week later and found her, a bit muddy, confused, and shivering, but ok.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
this doll for Henry is fantastic! even the red hair...
And look how satisfied he is.
Years ago a friend of mine stitched a doll for my son: it is a Bedman look like a softly Batman. He still loves him.
Heartily greetings from Ariane.

Sara Baldwin said...

that is the sweetest doll.

your henry is so cute - i smile every time i see pictures of his sweet red hair.

Misha Lulu said...

I love this doll so much! his outfit is amazing!