Thursday, February 3, 2011

i'm a bad packer

I won't have many photos to share for a few days since my camera battery is dead and the charger is in the mail.  You wouldn't believe how poorly I packed for this trip.  I left my battery charger along with many other handy and important items, such as scotch tape and glue sticks.
Looking through my clothes before we left,  trying to decide what I wanted to bring, I realized that I hate all my clothes.  So I brought two pairs of jeans and a few lightweight shirts, two black sweaters and my mom's coat.  At the same time I filled about 3 bags to go to the goodwill.   I told myself that I would go on a shopping spree when I got here.  Who am I kidding?  I don't go on shopping sprees.

Since I am lacking in photos to share, here is a hilarious commercial that made me laugh today.


jasmin said...

i am starting to hate most of my clothes too.
summer - hate.
winter - hate.
in betweeny seasons - hate hate.
It's a real dilemma don't you think?
I dream of throwing the whole lot out and having squillions of dollars and buying anything and everything that I love, having things made, traveling the world and shopping. :()

Ansku said...

From time to time I do that, too. Empty my closets of all the clothes I don't ever want to wear and get rid of them. It's about the time to do it again soon.

I wonder how long it will take for me to learn to by only the clothes I like, not the ones "I think I might need some day"! :)

anette said...

thanks for visiting, it's funny, we just watched the film several times last weekend and loved it despite me being really hard to catch with ads as i hate them....