Monday, February 7, 2011


Another fun weekend in NOLA is coming to a close.  The sun shone and the air was crisp.
Saturday we started the day with squaring away our furniture rental for the next apartment we move into in 8 days.  (woohoo!)  It's all very basic, we'll need to pick up a few linens, simple dishes, and cutlery.  Then we drove to the Audubon Zoo and spent most of our time with the primates.  They were the most captivating.  We fell in love with the orangutans and learned of their vanishing habitat due to the farming of palm oil.  If you care to know which products and foods are palm oil free, go here.

Today the kids and I visited the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses and were so happy to make new friends.  After this we spent the afternoon in the French Quarter where amongst the historic landmarks, parks,  jazz, statues, and milkshakes,  I found an Urban Outfitters.  I added two new tops to my slow to grow new wardrobe.  One has bunnies all over it, the other has roses.

Zach, ( my old man that turns the big 3 7 today) has been taking all the photos lately, so visit his blog to see our weekend.  If you have the time follow Zach's blog back a bit.  He has some beautiful shots of the city.   (Some posts have several'll notice small thumbnails under the title, check for those. )   If you go back farther you can follow his trip cross country from Georgia.  Go even farther back and you'll see him and Julien in Venice, Italy!  He is an amazing photographer, taking all his photos with his fancy i phone.  You'll also pick up on his keen eye for good graphic design.  

Hope your weekend was swell and blissful, merry and bright, full of rainbows, bikes, and dark chocolate.


Misha Lulu said...

Please have a coffee and beignettes at Cafe du Monde and think of us! We love that place!!!!

Rachel said...

on our way!

Ariane Reichardt said...

First: Happy Birthday, Zach!
Dear Rachel,
thank you for your lovely comment.
I think you have a good time in NOLA. I'm not quit sure, why you are there? It's because of your husbands work? And your oldest boy is in school? Sorry, if I'm indescreet..only puzzle a little bit to get an idea of your live.
And yes, your right, the pics from Zach are more graphical. He has a "good eye". You too, in a more female way.
Have a nice time,
x Ariane.

Ariane Reichardt said...

I love that map of Kathryn Hunter! Wonderful work, thank you, Rachel.