Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just cowlin around

I made this cowl for NOLA from this hat I made for Santa Fe.
I wore the hat twice and the yarn is too pretty not to reuse.  The beautiful bright green is not represented well in these pictures,  the original hat pictures show true color. 
It's so cozy and easy to throw on when we step out. 


Zachary Fannin said...

Oooh! When I saw this post, I started singing a song in my head at work, "I kiss that face, yes I do, I wanna kiss that face, kiss kiss kiss!". There were also some "la dee da's" and "ooo ooo ooo's" thrown in.

Transforming your cool hat into a cozy cowl? Brilliant! Nice work love.


Ariane Reichardt said...

uuh, I don't want to disturb you...

yes, wonderful, successful receycling, dear Rachel.

Sara said...

lovely. and so talented.

Maria said...

Yes it is lovely!