Wednesday, March 2, 2011

amsterdam 2002

This afternoon I shared with Henry and Greta a few slideshows of European travels that Zach and I shared before they came into the world.   Next year celebrating our 10th year being married, we plan to return.  Holland, Norway, England?  2 weeks, one month?  Can't wait.  


Peggy Ray said...

Ahhhh! So cute! And I love your grid arrangement... exquisite.

Maria said...

You have lovely ideas in the air:D
I think one month is best if you come to europe on holiday -2 weeks is quite a little time if you have children with you.
I love your own pictures.So full of joy.

Patrice A. said...

Nice pictures!
And I live in the Netherlands, so who knows, maybe we will meet ;)

Ariane Reichardt said...

Rhythm is it, your slideshow, dear Rachel!
Love these pics in Amsterdam... Hamburg is a beautiful town, too...and what about Paris, town of Love...or Venice?
See you with rhythm,

jasmin said...

Isn't it always interesting to look back at photos of yourself pre children?

I have been trying to do the mosaic-grid effect but can't figure it out - how?

If you meet up with Patrice I'll HAVE TO COME TOO.

(and where is our friend lilli??)


Rachel said...

Maria: I agree, one month minimum.

Patrice: I will look for you! We will be in Holland for sure visiting Floriade.

Ariane: Hamburg would make my hubby very happy.

Jasmin and Peggy: yes, pre children photos feels like a world away, like I was a different person. good times, but so much richer now.
and the trick was with the camera when Zach took the picture. It took shots in rapid sequence and thats just the way it was recorded. I wish I was so savy to help you. it is cool, no?

Sara said...

fabulous. 10 years? congratulations!