Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i didn't watch the oscars

But I did see Cate's dress.  I think it's is Cate.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Yeah, I don't watch the Oscars ... but I did do a double take on her dress! I think it's fabulous.

And her hair! I love her haircut!

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite actresses

Peggy Ray said...

I don't know... I just couldn't quite get my head around that yellow stuff on the dress... it looked kind of like an unfortunate growth. Besides that yeah, she's cool!

jasmin said...

a shameful but also juicy name drop here.

I have been to Ms Blanchett's house AND held her oscar (which was heavy) AND seen her in her pyjamas (which were normal cotton things) AND nearly slept on the couch but went home instead (once I sobered up) after raiding her kitchen for green tea (because I don't drink coffee)

it's true.
I went to her husband's 40th birthday party a few years ago.
forgive me - but good story huh?

I ALWAYS watch the oscars.

Rachel said...

Whaaa! Jasmin! That is a great story! feel free to name drop any time.