Saturday, March 12, 2011


 Inspiration for this weeks drawing challenge courtesy of NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art).

And outside the museum where we threw food to the birds...

Isn't this girl lovely with her plump bouffant? 

From the paintings of John James Audubon, I drew a Louisiana Heron,

and Greta drew a Snowy Heron with her signature sun.

As always, viewing the other participants work I am so impressed by the creativity and technique of others.   See the list on Elisabeth's beautiful blog, here.


Patrice A. said...

what a fine post!
the paintings, the feeding of the birds, teh sun and your drawing

I can see and tell: we all love birds!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel and dear Greta,
your drawings are amazing! Mother and daughter... with this elegant heron. Wonderful to see Greta's sun again. Its really a signatur!

The first pictures touch me because of thinking at Japan, this paintings shows a szenery of escape...


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

no kidding! i so love your process/progress into the story of birds... i am silly crazy about herons... now i will think of you too, when i see a rare one flying over the garden! (mainly ducks though 'round here. and doves, of course... ;))

Anonymous said...

Yes ,I Liked Your Heron , the sweeping lines , Hmmm Familiar...
...Greta is the most Loveliest girl on Earth ,,, I like Her "Signature" Sun...much better than a dark cloud...
Pete at the Port

Milady Productions said...

wowey! love that amazing painting.
you are so blessed to be able to see these things, share with the children. its one of my laments for living so rural. i miss the museums. there is a poignant rushing to help feeling in that piece rather than running away from something feeling.
perfect for Japan and the shared theme of birds flying prayers their way.
your drawing is divine. so is miss Greta's. i finally got a pot together...still haven't posted rythmn...oh well!

justahumblebee said...

Rachel and Greta,
Drawing the bend in the heron's neck ...that part is my favorite. Lovely lines in your drawing Rachel :) I admire the spiral sun :) and the quick impressions of sky and grass in Greta's drawing. Thank you for sharing your drawings and the paintings are wonderful to see too! So glad to participate in the challenge with all of you.

Citlalli said...

What a lovely post, the paintings, your divine drawing (so elegant heron) and Greta's drawing (so happy)!

jasmin said...

hi Rachel.
it is a long flight from australia.
my wings are weary this evening.
my heart is heavy with watching too much on tv.
BUT Greta's drawing with that sun and those reeds have been worth the trip.