Monday, March 14, 2011

our temporary home

I know many have been interested to see what our place looks like here in New Orleans.  I have been a little lazy about photographing it, maybe because it always feels too messy and I don't want to clean up.  Maybe.
I really should have gotten a shot of the house from across the street, but here is a view standing right in front and looking up.  

 Henry checking the mail.  Our unit is actually down the path to the left and in the back.

The bedroom with chandelier and quilts brought from home.

 Our kitchen table, where Henry is learning the alphabet and the kids play with the paper Victorian Village.  And we draw and eat there too.

Our clean bathroom.

Pretty light fixture in bathroom with very high ceilings.

Original doors and fixtures.

Cluttered dresser top.

We rented furniture and the lamps are hideous.  I used Greta's skirt to hide it.  It helps.

Beautiful, original wood floors.

It's a very comfortable house.  We also met a family that has a yard that meets up with ours in the back.  The kids ( 6 and 4 years old)  holler for Greta every afternoon and they sometimes just chat through the fence with Greta and Henry and sometimes they play for a while in their big back yard.

Greta says she's not homesick, and I believe she's not, but I know she misses her friends.  But the girl loves traveling and seeing new places.  Travel has always been easy with her.  Henry on the other hand says he wants " to go home" just about every day. This is usually when he is tired or frustrated, but he's definitely more of a homebody.  For the most part he is happy, loves all the distraction of this interesting city, horses, museums, beautiful parks, thunderstorms.   
We have a few more weeks here before we go back to LA.  It's great having the time to see everything we want without the time restriction.  We are getting a good feeling of what it's like living in New Orleans.  


Make mine Mid-Century said...

You're havong such a wonderful experience. The house looks fabulous.

I could imagine how hard it must be moving with young children and not having all their little things with them.

But you've made your temporary home look just like you live there all the time. The lamp's not that hideous!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

wow, thxs for showing us 'round. i love this period architecture... you've adjusted fine to a temporary situation!

Peggy Ray said...

Wow! Looks really cool. Wish I could have visited you there. I'm sorry Henry is homesick... such a honey bear. Tell him Gramma says Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

Citlalli said...

Yeyyyy, love all your new home,the front of the house looks gorgeous! I like the high ceilings, skirts covering lamps..... really fun!!!!

Ansku said...

Your place looks so beautiful with the high ceilings and all! And that picture of Henry checking the mail is so cute, he looks so tiny next to that big door! I hope he won't be too homesick and that he'll enjoy your time there :)

Sara said...

You get to live in that house?! It's gorgeous, inside and out! Wow. Love those wood floors. And old fixtures. And, love what you did with the lamp. :) Haha.

I envy your adventures in new cities. Will you be going to another one after this stay?

Also, I should get your mailing address (or wait until you're back in CA again, depending on when you go back) to send you a little package, including a mix.

kelli said...

so delightful. it looks like you are having a great time... we loved living in n.o.