Friday, May 27, 2011

greta has a first loose tooth

The day she was anxiously waiting for finally arrived.  It was late at night, she was going to bed and she asked me to see if her tooth was indeed loose.  I gave it a wiggle and excitedly said, "Yes, it is!"  Her face froze for about 3 seconds and then she immediately started to cry.  I scooped her up, held her on the sofa, and tried to calm her.  Turns out she wasn't quite ready after all.  
By the morning she was feeling much better.  She tried out new methods of eating.

We read of Opal's loose tooth.

Then we read about Sal, who like Greta was a little freaked out at first.

Sal has a cool mom.

Then we took a long drive out to see my mom and spend the day in Fillmore.
This is a photo of the ranch where I grew up. There are a lot less orange trees there now.  I lived just past that curve in the road toward the center of the photo.

We had to pull over to let pass a procession of bicycle racers.

Once at Grandma's house, Greta right away ran to the beautiful pink ceramic box that my mom keeps in her bathroom.  What could be inside that Greta needed to see so badly....?

MY baby teeth!

I swear they didn't look that crazy in my mouth, 30 something years ago.  

Greta already has her second loose tooth, they are really not that wobbly yet.  They will likely be in there another week or so.  This makes Zach happy.  This way he'll be around to see it.   2 more days.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Look at those teeth. They look gross in that little box, I've gotta say! Having said that, it's a great idea which I might steal. I have Matilda's and Linus' baby teeth wrapped in tissues throughout the house. As I speak, some are in a tray on the kitchen bench! Now that's gross! I need a little container for them.

I feel for Greta ... change can be scary!

Vegbee said...

My mother in law has all of her two boys' teeth in a box in her dresser. (I'm sure she's practicing some sort of elemental voodoo magic on them.) Smootch had an interesting shark tooth problem with her two bottom teeth, but it has resolved itself quite nicely now. Her first lost tooth went to the tooth fairy (and my own voodoo supply cabinet) and the second into a specimen container for her collection of interesting body bits (which also includes all sorts of grody broken nails, removed stitches, and skin flakes). Perhaps there is something of her grandmother in her that compells her to keep extensive collections of dna?

Good luck with it all!

Peggy Ray said...

Beautifully put! What a great story teller you are, Ms. Rachel. I bet the family will be crazy happy (especially Shooter) when Zach is back! Miss you all! Love, granny p

Peggy Ray said...

Please tell Greta I can't wait to see her missing space... which teeth are loose?

renilde said...

What a day for little Greta, growing up can be upsetting now and then but she is so well cared for.
What a great post for us. That place were you grew up looks wonderful, lots of sky and green, love that, x

Amy June Bates said...

Impecable timing. Juniper has her first tooth today too and she is distraught! I showed her your post and she is feeling a little better that there is another girl somewhere in the world sharing her pain :)

Lil Muse Lily said...

How wonderful that you have books for her to read about it. It looks absolutely beautiful where you grew up.
Happy weekend!

Misha Lulu said...

How cute ! She will look adorable!
You are! you are such a great story teller. I like talking to you so much because I love hearing how you tell your thoughts.

jasmin said...

It brings it all back. The photos I could post of gigi's proud moments of bleeding dental bliss. Even though these moments often made her faint!
The first tooth. Have you heard the school of thought that that is when a child 's brain is ready to learn how to read? It's a big time. And I love that your mother still has yours.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
oh, sweet Greta!
My six year old daughter has got two loosing tooth and she is so proud about that. She stand in front of the mirror and wiggles on her tooth, barely awaiting the tooth fairy...

Lovely Rachel, I've posted some LOVE at the rose!

All the best for your latency time,
xo Ariane.

Tina said...

My daughter lost her first tooth last summer (she was 4) by way of the pool deck. Not the happiest of experiences. She lost her second tooth the natural way (just a few months ago) and I am not sure which one was worse for her. I find that the promise of a Popsicle when the tooth falls out brightens her right up! She has two loose right now...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing in Your Blog , it's all makes me Smile...