Saturday, May 28, 2011

drawing challenge/LOVE

I LOVE my family.
I LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream.
I LOVE fuchsias.
I LOVE maps.
I LOVE redwood trees.
I LOVE my friends.
I LOVE orange.
I LOVE simplicity.
I LOVE cloudy days.
I LOVE airports.
I LOVE to make things for my kids.

Greta doesn't believe in the Tooth Fairy but she wants a Tooth Fairy pillow anyway.  But, of course!  It's not quite finished, I need to attach a tiny felt pocket for her tooth.

Greta didn't want to participate this week so I asked her dear friend Poppy ( 5 years old) to join us.
Poppy is LOVE.  If you knew her you would agree.  Just about every time we see her she has a LOVE note for each of us.  There is usually a red heart and the words LOVE and POPPY.  The two just go hand in hand.   This girl feels love so big and has an empathetic and caring heart beyond her years.

Here is Poppy's drawing along with her description. 

greta is in the black and grey stripes.  i (in the purple dress) am holding hands with greta.  this is shepard as a newborn baby with mama holding him.  this is sally (from peanuts cartoons in a yellow dress), she is in love with linus. she is grabbing her hands together. she always reminds me of love--everybody else, too!  The first word I learned to write (besides, Poppy) was "Love". thank you rachel for letting me do this with you.  Love, Poppy

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Lil Muse Lily said...

I love that pillow!! It's so happy with all those different colors.
And Poppy? WOW!!! Amazing.
My post is up, thank you for hosting. :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oh my... the LOVE indeed (although those names shepard and linus do ring bells from lost times...??!!); is poppy psychic besides an imaginative drawing talent? ;))

the pillow is looking good. you are a sewing wonder, my dear...
thank you for the LOVE (and comment)

Fru Mju said...

i joined in too, couldn't resist your theme ♥
what a beautiful pillow!! and LOVE Poppy's drawing, it's truly full of love!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

What a beautiful post. I LOVE it!

jasmin said...

I love this blog. I love being part of this global drawing group. I love the sun. X

Patrice A. said...

your words
the pillow
the colors
your love
it is a wonderful world

and than that drawing
a five year old?
and the story behind it
even better

love it!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh my God, Rachel, its so LOVELY, your pillow... and a case for the tooth - what a brilliant idea! Greta is a lucky girl...
Your motherlove doesn't stop for other kids. So, Poppy's painting is amazing, wonderful... lovely.


renilde said...

Making a beautiful, happy pillow for your little girls tooth, that is love.
Poppy's drawing... adding that something special only to be found in a childs drawing.
thanks for letting us feel and see all this love,X

Ansku said...

Well I absolutely LOVE Poppy's drawing and story! And that list of yours might as well have been mine, I agree with you completely.

Love is a wonderful thing, especially this week! ;)

Citlalli said...

Love Poppy`s drawing, kids art it`s the best!
Love the colorful pillow! you are awesome!

Elisabeth said...

Lovely pillow! I've never heard of tooth fairy pillows before. Maybe my five-year-old will need one soon. Will the tooth become a coin in the pocket, or what will happen?

I'm sorry I'm late with my contribution. It's already Monday and I found love everywhere today :)