Saturday, July 23, 2011

drawing challenge/city

Since returning from New Orleans I've wanted to draw a banner of Los Angeles.  When I came up with the theme this week I had nothing specific in mind.  With a little thought, the inspiration came to get this drawing done.  What better timing than just before we leave town again.  Better late than never.

Here are a few details hard to see above.  I couldn't scan the drawing, only took photos, so the quality is not so hot.  

I live near downtown.  You'll notice the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the China Town gates, a couple of my favorite structures, and rather iconic.
Can you find the food truck?  (click image)

Our house is on the far left.  Greta swings.

To the far left, a small grove of orange trees that are rumored to still exist here in the city.  Back in the day there were many orchards, and just about every house had its own citrus tree.
ASpanish style house, the Santa Monica pier, and Venice beach where Zach skated as a kid.
It also seems kind of cliche, but there really are palm trees everywhere.

To see more Cities around the globe, visit:


Patrice A. said...

lovely drawing
those with clear lines, like you have, I like the best
you live in a fine place
and I love that chair in the house next door!
actually I am saving money so I can buy one....

this week I had no time
I can only show you pictures

renilde said...

Rachel this is wonderful, such a fun drawing to look at, love the details, the flowering cactus, the sunbathers on the beach, Greta swinging,great!!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
oh, lovely drawings... I would like to see them embroidered on fabrics! or printed on T-Shirts...
So much lovely details to discover, marvellous.

I'll be a little late... we drive out of the city to the countryside and have a big party with friends.

See you tomorrow,

Julia da Franca said...

wow, you worked hard! so many details, i would love to live in the villa an the last drawing:) xx, julia

Kelli said...

so super sweet!! I love it! The little drawing of greta swinging is amazing. Looks just like her.

Color Land said...

Love everything in your drawing, all the details, Greta swinging oh my how sweet.....

Your such an amazing artist!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

smooth impressions! when i see your narrative drawings again, i've always missed them... la looks like having a ball, but that might just be my impression... and now you're off again!
can't wait to discover boston through your eyes, er, fingers... ;)

jasmin said...

I'm in Rachel! Didn't think that I would be, but somehow I am. I love this style of drawing that you do so well. Do you remember 'doodle art'? Have you ever thought about printing colouring in posters for kids .....? Thanks for swinging by love. X

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
'City' is ready!

... and the idea of Jasmin printing posters for colouring by kids is great.

Ariane from Hamburg

Hagar said...

Dear Rachel, beautiful drawings. I love your fine lines and detailed work. It brings the great energy of the city...:-)

Ritva said...

hi Rachel,
i´m in too- as jasmin, i could say, somehow i am :)

i haven´t drawn much lately, so i hope that my photos will do. is it ok?

yours is a lively city, great!

sarapirat said...

where have i been, it has been too long!
i like these illustrations of your city. makes any place look friendlier. says the countryside girl who takes any possibility to escape the city when she can.
what do you enjoy the most in your city?

barbarabeesblog said...

All your drawings are totally cute and playful, I like that a lot.

Rachel said...

Thank you everyone for all of the nice comments. It's always nice to hear your thoughts and gentle nudges in expanding my drawing horizons.

Sara: What I most enjoy in this city? Hmmmm...
I'd say the melting pot of cultures and also the arts. So many great museums. And not that I do it that much but there is also great shopping.

Peggy Ray said...

So adorable! Love the details!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

any idea who's challenging?