Friday, July 22, 2011


My friend Kelli came over the other day for a visit.  On her arm, a basket of homemade biscuits, fresh peach and blackberry jam, (canned herself) and honey from her recent trip to Idaho.

This honey is from clover that surfaces every seven years!  Thank you, bees!  It's like gold, and she shared some with me.

 DELICIOUS!  It was my lunch and dinner.

  And of course, being the fabricoholic that she is, shopping for fabric in any town she travels, she brought me back these pretty 30's reproduction prints.

Kelli is a dear one and our girls have been friends half of their lives.  She will be joining in the Drawing Challenge this week.  I have a feeling we'll see some seriously stunning stitches!  No pressure, Kelli.


Maria said...

You have had so lovely moments there!

Peggy Ray said...

Love your new banner and cityscape of LA! Beautiful... and great new pix! You are da bomb!

Kelli said...

glad to share!

Lacey said...

so sweet! that's really cool about the honey--i've never heard of such a thing! my husband will get a kick out of that.