Friday, July 8, 2011

wonder woman part duex

The only Barbie doll I bought for Greta was a Dorothy Barbie from the Wizard of Oz.  This was when she was three and loved W of O in a big way.  I'd been having a hard time finding a decent Wonder Woman doll for Greta, one that we could both be happy with.  Greta cared about the face, I cared about the price.  She finally gave in to my suggestion to make Dorothy into Wonder Woman.  I know, I got the headband wrong. It should be gold with a red star, but G won't let me change it.  One thing she insists I change is the tightness of her top.  Its been slipping down during the most inappropriate crime fighting moments.  I'm afraid I'd better fix this fast or Wonder Woman won't be taken seriously, and we can't have that.


renilde said...

Oh dear and so much love in this post, you're a sweet mum,x

Vegbee said...

Awesome. Have you checked out the blog Filth Wizardry? She has lots of functional reassignments for all sorts of pop culture items. Going the other way but still in the spirit, check out this post:

Ariane Reichardt said...

Yes, dear Rachel,
you are a sweet mum! Nice picture with the fuzziness in the background (the feet holding hand!)

xo Ariane.

Peggy Ray said...

Tres chic!

Rachel said...

renilde: i think you're sweet as well.

Vegbee: Ha! Thank you for sharing that post. I am in awe and so inspired!

Ariane: Yes, I tried propping her on my own and G gladly lent her hand. I like it better that way.

Peggy: Merci!