Monday, October 3, 2011

apple picking and juggling grandmas


We were all so happy to have Grandma Peg here for a visit.  The visit was too short, but we did squeeze in some beach combing, bike rides in the rain, a lobster roll ( for her), and apple picking in Peabody.


lamediterrània said...

I love the beautiful experiences you have with your children and family, and I love that you like to share them with us.
Freshly picked apples...hmmm!
I like doing that with oranges, peeling them with my fingers and eating them at the same place where I picked them. They're never as sweet and juicy.
Big kisses, Rachel, thanks for sharing all this beauty!

renilde said...

the simple things in life are often the best, such great photos, a story of feeling good, i love the shots of grandma Peg, x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Isn't that peace, dear Rachel?
It is peace.
Wonderful pics - and your mother is amazing!


Patrice A. said...

I do agree with Renilde
the simple things
are the best
and you took such great pictures of it!
so much joy and love
this is FAMILY(!)
isn't it?
our kids grow up so fast
I sometimes miss the time
they were like yours


Maria said...

Such lovely moments you have had ♥

Ansku said...

Yummy! I couldn't think of a better thing than picking apples with Granma. And I do envy that Swiss knife - there have been so many occations I could have used one!

Wishing you more of these wonderful relaxing days!

Misha Lulu said...

gorgeous images! yummy apples!

sarapirat said...

a juggling granny!
oh joy!
thank you so much for your amazingly beautiful and making happy to my spinal cord comment you left at my place.
wow! i wish and dream i could make a book...who knows, one day?
anyhow, you made me blush and smile and warm while reading! THANK YOU

Color Land said...

I'm totally agree are those moments the best on life, glad that your kids have some time with their grandma, and that all of you had a good time picking apples, lovely pictures!

Peggy Ray said...

As always, I'm so impressed with your pix and they always make me want to relive the experience from your eyes! You see so much beauty that I miss. You inspire me endlessly. Thanks very much for the wonderful week with you and the children. And I'm ready for more of those wonderful shakes!

demie said...

its a funny thing... our lives. all of us following the seasons. doing similar things. i brings some kind of connection, i never thought of before starting blogging.
beautiful photos : )