Saturday, February 18, 2012

drawing challenge / butterfly

Overheard by Marie Antoinette;

Nadine has even more papillons to add to your wig!

I wanted to thank everyone for such kind words over the past few days.  They really meant a lot to me and I took every word to heart.  The entire family had a really hard day yesterday.  Though I was glad to have the work done in a hospital, it meant a lot of doctors, nurses, trips upstairs and downstairs, and x-rays.  My, it was a bit much for my boy but he did well despite it all.  I'm glad it's behind us.  
Thank you all again for your loving support, thoughts, and well wishes.


Maria said...

I'm happy he is okey!

renilde said...

Good to read you are all well and friday belongs to the past.

Light, airy, happy portrait of Marie-Antoinette in the frivolous, butterfly period of her life, lovely!x

Patrice A. said...

good to read
that it all went well
with Henry

and I am
also glad
to see a drawing
lovely Marie-Antoinette
with fluttering butterflies
in the so appreciated


I am the host for
next week's drawing
please stop by on Monday

demie said...

Just read your last post! Yes, I am also glad it's all behind you now! You are a great mom Rachel!

and I would wear your butterflies on my hair every day!

love<3 from d

Leena said...

Lovely post, happy and full of joy:) Happy that the little one is better.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
thank you for the good news about Henry.

Marie Antoinette...! did you saw the movie with Kirsten Dunst? directed by Sophia Coppola? Your hairdress fits exact! Nice drawing, indeed...


Anonymous said...

Everytime I saw the picture of Henry on the blog I wanted to hug him. I am so happy it all went well and that it is over.

The drawing is beautiful, your style is great!

big hugs!

karen (misha L)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...
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♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

[i've had to repost my comment, since a rather undelicious lapsus appeared on paper, those darn new robot b*çµµ"#-things...]

that drawing title is nola-influenced, is it, or very period french inspired? any which way, the imagination runs riot, as did anything in MA's life...
i find you have added a prettily birdcagey feel to this week's challenge. fancy!

so glad for youse, your heno's a hero...

lamediterrània said...

Congratulations for your brave boy, he made it :)
I'm glad you've been through this and now it's time to walk, look, dance, taste, smell, photograph and share again!
Big kisses Rachel, and lots of love.

mano said...

I'm happy to hear that your little son is okay!
the hair ornaments are so beautiful - I would like to wear butterflies on my hair, too!

Milady Productions said...

Dear Rachel,

I LOVE your wig and wings!!!
I am so happy to hear all is well with Henry , I just caught myself up with all the trauma. you are not a bad mom! good teeth are one of those being tall or short! forgive yourself and be glad he's feeling better :)
Morgan has a bad tooth too this week. Getting a root canal on Tuesday. ugh.

xoxo stephanie

Lil Muse Lily said...

i'm glad all went well. get some rest on this long weekend.

Peggy Ray said...

hi, Rach, beautiful Marie! I bet she would have loved it! Howard has an entree for the butterfly challenge too! I'll have to find out how one enters...
So glad Henry is done with the ordeal... (and you and Zach too!)