Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My Henry has three cavities. 

 Before we came to New Orleans we tried to have them filled.  I'll keep a long and painful (for me) story short and tell you that the dentist was unable to fix them at that time. Henry started feeling pain in his tooth a couple of weeks ago.  I started to freak out and then I calmed down.  I found an amazing pediatric dentist here in Nola that has been so attentive to the situation, patient with me and all of my questions, and had his staff work hard to get Henry an appointment this friday.  Henry has a great fear of the dentist and only under general anesthesia will the work get done.  

I had no idea how common it was until both of my kids as well as some of their friends were at the same time having serious issues with cavities, as well as serious issues with fear of the dentist.  This was maybe a year and a half ago.  My kids drink a soda pop every blue moon, they don't eat tons of sweets, their teeth get brushed twice a day, we use fluoride, I spray xylitol in their mouths after they brush and throughout the day.  The dentists attribute the problem to a vicious bacteria that is very hard to get rid of.  Not very encouraging.

So here we are in a situation I hoped we'd never be in again, feeling like a horrible mom and preparing my kid to be drugged and unconscious, then off into another room...without me.  I know this is more traumatic for me.  Henry will be absolutely fine. It will all be taken care of at the Children's Hospital here in New Orleans.  I have talked with two parents (including the dentist) that recently had their children there and for different reasons under general anesthesia.  They only had good things to say.

I haven't wanted to share any of this.  It's not fun to write or even think about.  I also don't want to be judged by parents of shiny, happy, cavity free kids.  It may be too late for that, actually.
The fact is, it's all I have been thinking about.  Friday can't come soon enough.

For Henry's sake I'm showing a brave face and preparing him the best I can for a morning when he'd rather be running at the park than in a hospital.
I'm sure we'll see children there for reasons much worse than cavities.  This just might set me over the edge, but I vow to keep all my tears at bay for Henry's sake.

Thank you to the friends that have been checking in on Henry, for the phone calls and thoughtful emails.

Greta and I will be back for the drawing challenge this weekend, hosted by the dearest of dears, Nadine.

Also, visit Greta's blog and check out the movie she made.


renilde said...

Hey dear Rachel, Henry has a wonderful mother! that's obvious.
I will be thinking of Henry and you, sending you courage and love, everything will be allright, xx

Color Land said...

Rachel, I'm sure everything will be allright!
I'll be thinking of Henry and sending you and him so much love, I understand how difficult is that for you and for him and I hope he feel better soon!
You are an amazing mom, Henry and Greta know that!!!
And all of us know that too!
Hugs and love to you and your kids!

The Kender-Page said...

Good luck, Rachel. General anesthesia is hard, on the parents, no matter what it's for. And just as an example, cavity-wise - my brother and I had the same parents, same brushing regimen (no soda, etc.) and I had no cavities growing up - he has more cavities then not. Good thoughts your way!

Patrice A. said...

dear Rachel,

you are a great mom, do not ever doubt that!
one of my two sons, the one that brushes the best, has had cavities
the oldest, with the brace and not brushing his teeth very well never had one
it has something to do with your saliva
I will be thinking of Henry
and of you this friday

love and a big hug

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
you did do it quite right!
I feel with you... and my thoughts are with you, especially on Friday.

When I'm afraid of something I tell my kiddos... and that its only a phase that one have to get through.

To assist sweet Henry is great of you!


Rachel said...

Thank you for all of the kind words. I've taken them all to heart.

lamediterrània said...

Don't worry for sharing bad news, you're always cheering us up with your colorful pictures and beautiful trips around the US, it is completely bareable to read sad news from you.
Maybe it's not the most horrible operation ever, but you are a loving mom who cares a lot about her children, and here we are to listen to you and encourage you.
Many friends of mine had general anesthesia for their wisdom teeth extraction and they were perfect after waking up. It's a bit harder with little children like your Henry, but everything will be allright, I'm sure.
Lots of love for you, your husband and your little amazing children, and lots of positive energy!
Big kisses

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, I will pray for peace for you and Henry! and a smooth operation.
You are such a good Mom! Big hugs to you and Henry and Greta.
Karen (misha Lulu)

Kate said...

Rachel - what a coincidence! I said this experience would make a great blog topic before reading your blog. Not only are you a super mom, you help other moms be as wonderful as you, and obviously have fans who are wonderful mothers also! love, Kate

Lil Muse Lily said...

Oh Rachel, i'm so sorry you and Henry have to go through this. please don't feel like a bad mom, you are an amazing mom and cavities are something that no matter how much you brush and everything else, cannot avoid.
i hope the surgery goes well and will be thinking of you both

Peggy Ray said...

They have all said it so well... but I love you and will be wishing you and Henry good thoughts through it all.

annie said...

He is so little . You are so brave. This time next week you should both sit down and eat ice cream as a reward for getting through together. x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
how are you?


sarapirat said...

oh wishing you and henry best of luck with the dentist...
people tend to forget that teeth have a lot of genetics. you can care for them wonderfully but sometimes they are just prone to get more cavities etc.

loving your black and white week and the colorful umbrellas down here.

take good care, and be kind to yourself, you are great!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

so. how are you all, in the meantime? cavities gone?