Wednesday, February 29, 2012

guy's and dolls

Miss Greta has chosen a theme for this week's drawing challenge. 

If you have a blog, a creative side, and would like to share your interpretation of this week's theme, leave a comment on Greta's blog and let her know you'd like to be on the list of artists to share this weekend.
We stich, we draw, we paint, we take photographs, we carve, we write.  The more artists the merrier.  


sarapirat said...

oh what a team they are! your beautiful kids!
do they sometimes fight like mad? cause usually they look like the best of pals...
have a wonderful day

The Kender-Page said...

Awesome first pix!!

PS Your post about Henry and the dentist pushed me to take my kiddos for the first time, so thank you.

Kelli said...

love the colors in these photos. and awesome pants miss greta!

demie said...

love those photos of your kids... so cute!!!

Milady Productions said...

little adventurers...they look like alot of FUN! :)