Tuesday, March 27, 2012


demie said...

Dear Rachel thank you for your honest and deeply touching comment on my Sunday post...

and now I must say this song gave me a kick!
-I 've been listening to some really sad music lately, which is interesting but it can get on somebody's mood the wrong way ;p - this weekend's challenge is smile at Leena's - and I smile already : )

Ariane Reichardt said...

I came from your garden... and: yeah!
Now I see you, dear Rachel... hear you with vocals and me as the drummer. hahhaa...Fun!
Who, Clash, Jam...


sarapirat said...

hey rachel,
what a beautiful garden!
i wonder how it works, your gypsy life, from film to film, from city to city...where do you live each time? they organize for you a temporary home?
can you find your balance in it? (some people, like myself, obviously have the gypsy blood running through their veins, for good and bad! we can't seem to settle down easily. i wonder if it is the same for you?)

and is it possible to follow your instagram without having an iphone`?

love! and wish you a great week

Peggy Ray said...

I am late in looking at your blog since I got home. Love your posts ALWAYS! Cool song.