Wednesday, March 28, 2012

two more weeks

More phone/Instagram photos.  I may have posted some of these on my blog already.  The lines between Instagram and blog are getting crossed.

Two more weeks in New Orleans.


Patrice A. said...

I better get start making
that little something
so it will be there
when you come home

Patrice A.

I do not know why
but some of your images
look so Dutch to me

Hagar said...

The photos are beautiful!

Two more weeks...must be feeling very strange- excitement and sadness together - lot of success!....xx

lamediterrània said...

You make me want to go and live there!!! How many beautiful, creative, original and artistic stuff over there :)
And your children are the sweetest, Henry looks gorgeous sitting there in the middle of the museum and watching the paintings.
Actually i was thinking of you today because i am reading about Degas, and there's a painting of a group of men in a cotton workshop in New Orleans, who were actually relatives of Degas.
I wondered if the painting is kept in New Orleans, and if you and your children have ever seen it.

Lil Muse Lily said...

lovely photos as always. looks like you are making the most of it. happy weekend!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
your images are so beautiful and attentive. You bring NOLA in the Castle to my family and me that I've never known before. Thank you very much, my travelling friend. You turn exhausting travel and changes into good adventures and experiences.
And maybe one day Europe...?

Lots of love

Anna V. said...

The 10th picture, the one with the yellow house and red/orange door!! If you ever decide to make a print of it, I will purchase it immediately. Seriously. It's absolutely gorgeous. (All of these are, but that one had that something special I always look for in pictures!)

I loved your nail polish! :)

Peggy Ray said...

Each one is beautiful, unique, funny, you and the kiddos, wonderful, fantastic! Makes me long terribly to be back with you all.