Wednesday, March 14, 2012

marblehead revisted

This video was taken one morning after a night of rain, the kids and I paused during our morning bike ride.  Being in Marblehead made me feel like we had gone back in time.  I miss it.


sarapirat said...

what a lovely way to get a smile on my face this morning. greta!
at first i thought they said fatoush, witch is a arabic salad with fried bread inside it (very yummy by the way)

oh sweetest kids.
great little film!

Patrice A. said...

dear Rachel,
what a great little movie!
their voices, fartoush!, sweet, sweet

and no
you didn't tell me that you will not come to the Netherlands
so sorry, but I understand it completely
an other time we will meet!!

and a big hug

renilde said...

How very beautiful, there is a serenity and something very peacefull in this little movie, i love the black and white and your children dancing together made me feel warm inside, thanks for your kind comment, xx

lamediterrània said...

HAhahahah I love your children!
And your girl's outfits are always really funny and personal, she's gonna be a strong-character girl I think.
Big kisses Rachel!

demie said...

I love the way the film is made... it makes one certainly travel in time... and you kids are lovely. Of course. THey find magical shells on trees : )

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

your sentiment is touching, it is so sensible, and recognizable. i really enjoyed the industrial post as well, fading colours from the past suit abandoned places well, i find.
i hope to be back in connexion pretty soon. i'm thinking of all of you...

Peggy Ray said...

I love this video and the app that makes it look like 8mm home movies is really cool! Taking me back to two different times. Love love love it! Will soon be on a new adventure wit' my homies!