Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my phone's camera tells no lies

There are days like today when we are out and about here in New Orleans and I feel so grateful to be in  this amazing city.  It's funky, it's friendly, it's beautiful, it's musical, it's everything.  And here we it.  

We have one more month before we head back to Los Angeles.  I'm hoping we spend the summer in LA.  At this point we don't know where Zach's next gig will be.  With the lack of filming going on in LA these days, it's likely that we will get to know a new city or possibly revisit a familiar one.  Who knows.  We take it day by day, film by film, city by city.

Last week we visited friends from Los Angeles that are temporarily in Louisiana for a film, like us.  They are in Baton Rouge which is just over an hour away.  The kids and I drove out and spent few days with them.  Greta and Henry were thrilled to see their friends, and I was so appreciative for time to commiserate and bond with a fellow homeschooling mom on the road.  We had a great time together.  I will have to tell you all about it in another post.

At this moment we have a full house.  Julien (my awesome, super smart, and very tall stepson) is here for a week and today Grandma Peggy arrived for a week as well!  She surprised us a day early.  We got her itinerary confused and she showed up today instead of tomorrow as we had expected.  This was a great surprise for all of us and a bonus at that.  We have a lot of fun activities planned for the next few days, the thunderstorms forecasted will not deter us.

These days my iPhone camera seems to be the most handy and Instagram is my mild obsession.  I only follow a handful of friends and only a handful of friends follow me.  I really enjoy sharing photos this way and it's a lot less obnoxious than Facebook (in my opinion).  These photos here I've shared on Instagram the past few days so I apologize to some of you for the redundancy.
By the way, if anyone wants to follow my Instagrams, email me and I'll pass on my info.

I hope y'all are having a good week.


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

what do you think? do you think i'm crazy about these porch beauties, or what? oh, if only i could have a porch inside this house (which would look silly, i realize), but i'll deffo need one on the wall, in the kitchen, me thinks... chances are i'm gonna have to make a deal with you on that, you know?
these are just the greatest snaps, rache...
hooray on the full house over at yours... it'd drive me crazy, but then, that's just me!

enjoy, i'm sure we'll see parts of your days popping up...

Patrice A. said...

dear Rachel,

those HOUSES!!!!
wauw, they are so, so great
I love your images
they make me want to go there too
and enjoy your fullhouse

Patrice A.

did the kids grow quickly?
Greta seems so much taller

renilde said...

I keep gazing at that blue house, i don't find words to describe what's going through me looking at it, sigh...
Origami :) did that with my stepdaughter a lot when she was little.
lovely pictures, beautiful documents of good times, enjoy your time together, x

demie said...

gorgeous photos Rachel! love the houses, and the trees and you kids, and the way you write about your life. Is like sitting by my kitchen table, having a coffee and chatt a bit.... I like that : )

Enjoy beautiful days with your loved ones

Lil Muse Lily said...

such wonderful photos. makes me want to visit. haven't been there since late 90's early 2000's. it's a lovely place but yes, go back to LA for the summer.
my phone is also the camera of choice lately cause i'm tired of carrying my heavy camera around. no instagram here though.
thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. they really mean a lot to me.
maybe some day you will all come to Miami to film?
enjoy family!

Anna V. said...

I loved these moments. And I love reading about your life, it's sooo different to ours. Would love to try moving around as often - I love seeing new places and learning new things! But then again I'm not sure I could do it...

Thanks for sharing these stories with us!

Kelli said...

such happy, beautiful photographs. You can see the love that Greta and Henry have for each other and their sweet life you give them.