Tuesday, April 10, 2012

saying goodbye

We said goodbye to our friends in Baton Rouge last week.

We ran through their sprinklers.

And built dams in their rivers.

Visited their swamp.

 And got chewed up by their mosquitos.

Saying goodbye is hard to do...

As hard as it is to say goodbye, the kids can't get home fast enough.  Three months is a long time in a young life.  

Tomorrow we'll randomly choose a winner of the foxy necklace.  There's still time to leave a comment here if you're interested.

We have three more days in New Orleans.  We plan to visit Audubon Park every day, saying goodbye to friends and to the trees.

How lucky to find this giant heap of sand!


sarapirat said...

another amazingly beautiful place it seems.
i can almost hear the sound of the leaves in the trees.
have a great trip back home, and before that nice last days.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Rachel,
amazing photos!
A soft sadness of saying goodbye to a wonderful place... NOLA - what maybe sometimes was 'no L.A.'. So there is a pleasant anticipation for homebase... L.A.!
Oh, you are on my mind, dear Rachel, you and your sweet family!
Have a good journey.

annie said...

A heap of sand and a swamp to dam! Doesn't get much better than that! I love the giant green hat. It's a real sun hideout!