Tuesday, November 13, 2012

from my instagram

 Greta trying on her great grand mother's shoes.

Handmade dress and accessories.

 Climbing the walls.

 What turned out to be a sad attempt at homemade hummus.

Fort Bragg

My dad.

Harley Quinn, Ollie's betrothed.

In the garden.

Descanso Gardens

Off to swim.

Still swimming.




Beautiful day.


susan christensen said...

These wonderful photos got my day off to a happy start! -sus

Milady Productions said...

random life~ love it!

mano said...

I love all your pictures: the beautiful dress, the shoes, the photo of your father, sweet greta and henry, the cute dogs...
thank you for sharing!

annie said...

What tiny feet your grandmother must have had. The name, Harley Quinn is like something from a Dickens novel. I'd marry him just for that let alone his handsome visage!
Lovely shots...

Peggy Ray said...

Great pix! So cheerful!

objects of whimsy said...

these are great Rachel!
A wonderful narrative of daily life. The dolls are gorgeous I like them that size and the little story bylines is a great idea.

Enjoy the weekend

Helen x

sarapirat said...

very sweet collection!
she must have had small feet, gretas granny?!

Peggy Ray said...

Every time I look at these pix, I am struck at how adult Greta's feet look in those heels! And oddly familiar, like they could be mine or her great grandma's! Context changes everything.