Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i'm here

What have I been up to you ask?  
There has been a lot of waiting for fall to arrive.  This week began with 90 degree weather but happy that today there is fog and a chill to the air.
A dear friend of mine is hosting a craft boutique at her home this weekend.  I made several dolls and other do dads to sell.  Mostly hand sewing which I love.  A corner of my couch became a mini studio with everything I needed next to me.  I'd find quiet (and not so quiet) moments to sit and sew.  It was good for me.  Now I'm looking to start drawing again.

For the time being we are staying in Los Angeles.  Zach had a potential job in New Orleans but it didn't  work out.  I was disappointed but glad to stay home at the same time.  We have been in LA since   May, a seven month stretch.  It's the longest stretch we've been home in 2 years.  I feel a bit anxious knowing that his current LA job is coming to a close and the next movie will likely take us out of state. Are we ready for a new adventure?  Sort of.  Yes.  Maybe.

Here are a few more photos from Fort Bragg and at home this summer.

The Huntington Library and Gardens with Liam.


objects of whimsy said...

Gorgeous fotos Rachel.
I know how you feel mine and my Husbands jobs end at the end of the year and so far we are not sure what we will be doing thereafter.
But we have faith that the unknown will become known soon enough in the meantime we try to keep busy and positive.
I wish you well and keep being creative I find it really helps.

Lots of Love

Helen :)

Peggy Ray said...

Very beautiful selection! What a great leap from Greta! And Henry looks so huggable... If only he'd let me! Haha!