Monday, December 20, 2010

goodbye, so long, farewell...

Tomorrow we leave St. Simon's Island, Georgia.  This spot on earth I never knew existed a few months ago.  Upon arrival seven weeks ago I took a deep breath and decompressed immediately. We have enjoyed beach combing, biking, walking, and genuine southern hospitality.  I could go on and on about the precious family time we've shared and the fun exploring, the friendly people we have come to know, but alas it makes me weepy to think about, especially since we are about to say goodbye.

Julien just arrived from Chico and will join Zach, Grandma Peg, Howard, and Ollie for the road trip home.   I am slightly jealous of traveling by car through so many states that I have never seen, including Gee's Bend, Alabama.  But a week in the car would not make for happy children.  
So the kids and I hop on a plane tomorrow and will have one very long day of travel.   

Here are some photos still on my phone.  Sweet memories.

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Next post, Los Angeles, California.

Goodbye, St. Simons.


Anonymous said...

Oh, must be strange, Rachel, leaving Georgia behind. Thank you for sharing these seven weeks, I will now alwas think of St. Simon's Island as a beautiful and joyous place. Love your pictures, every single one of them.

See you in LA, or La-la land :)
We'll be thinking of you while you travel, probably a wise decision to go by plane. Take care, travel safe. See you soon. Love Lilli

hojee and bunny said...

I'm so happy for you and your sweet family! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful times with us. Can't wait to see you guys! Have a safe flight.

Citlalli said...

Welcome back to La!! Hope to see you soon, thanks for sharng all of your adeventures at St Simons!

Travel safe!!!


Maria said...

Thank you for these moments You have share here to me too.Lovely memories and new adventures...

Make mine Mid-Century said...

What a wonderful time you had. I could feel the relaxation through your photos ... which are absolutely stunning. I know I've sadi that before.

I'm going to bury my stupid camera.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
hope you'll have a good coming home...Full of unforgettible impressions. Yes, maybe it's better for you and the children to go by plan. (Doesn't matter, time for your choice will come.)
Thank you sooo much for sharing with us.
Fresh greetings,

jasmin said...

Hi Rachel.
These photos are just so beautiful.
I have also really loved spending time on the island with you all. How lucky you have been to get to know such a wonderful place.
I now look forward to getting to know Miss L.A. through your lens.
Jazz x